A lot of bits and pieces….


[flickr]5841887374[/flickr]The pitlane during the Saturday morning pitwalk at Le Mans is a very busy place. It is a ‘must do’ activity for many fans, so the narrow pitlane gets very congested. I took this opportunity to look along the pit garages from the end to get this show to the bodywork panels laid out on show in front of the garages.

The state of that pitlane is a bit like the state of my EuroITV2012 paper which is loads of bits of interesting stuff, but not organised, or put together in any workable (or more importantly, submittable) form. Grappling with the conundrum of exactly why we tweet while watching TV is proving allusive to many researchers right now. It is interesting to see that PR and marketing gurus are now homing in on Twitter as a new landscape to exploit particularly when combined with TV viewing (http://blogs.imediaconnection.com/blog/2012/01/02/4-ways-to-optimize-the-tv-twitter-connection/). With that in mind, and the contributions of others in the world of Twitter research I am steadily bolting my paper together, clipping on the relevant parts and fine tuning the prose.